iLast Antifreeze / Coolant HEAVY DUTY RED 50/50

Antifreeze /Coolant HEAVY DUTY RED 50/50

iLast HEAVY DUTY RED Antifreeze, when used as directed provides excellent performance in virtually every heavy duty and light duty application The Perfect Protection Choice to guard against:

• Freeze-up/Boil Over

• Scale/Rust

• Wet Sleeve liner pitting

• Sludge/Clogging

iLAST Red Antifreeze safely meets the performance specifications of -But not limited to: ASTMD-3306 • ASTM D-6210• TMC RP-329 Caterpillar EC-1/ELC It contains a full charge of liner pitting protection chemistry and is low silicate and phosphate free. Can be used as a top-off when mixed properly but flush and fill to achieve maximum protection:

Light Duty, 150,000 Miles/5 Yrs Heavy Duty, 300,000 Miles/3 Yrs

Refill Directions:

CHECK: Ensure that all components of the cooling system (hoses, clamps, etc.) are in satisfactory condition and that there are no leaks.

CAUTION: Do not remove radiator cap while cooling system is hot.

2. DRAIN: Drain entire contents of cooling system and flush thoroughly with clean water. If rust or sludge is present, use a radiator flush.

3. POUR: iLast Prediluted Green 50/50 antifreeze is ready to use. Close all outlets and refill system with iLast 50/50 antifreeze.

NO DILUTION NECESSARY. Periodically check for leaks, if necessary add more iLast 50/50 antifreeze.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Ethylene Glycol (ingested), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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